Quality of Information

We follow a quality control process to ensure that all our information products and content meet a high standard.

1. We have a checklist for quality control 

We use a process for each information product about a neurodevelopmental condition to make sure it is professional, up-to-date, balanced, easy to read, accessible and accurate.

2. We use evidence based information

Neurotastic uses evidence, research and up to date studies to provide reliable and credible information. The sources are included as references. They are written by authors who have appropriate qualifications to understand and critical appraise research.

3. We review information and fact check for accuracy

Our information is reviewed by at least one other appropriate professional for comment before it is published. This information is also fact checked for accuracy before publication.

4. We involve potential users in the development of information 

We involve potential users from the initial idea to the final publication, and listen to ideas. Even after publication there are opportunities to comment or feedback. We aim that our information is accessible. If you have any views please contact us here.contact us here.

5. We regularly review and update our information

All information is dated and reviewed at least once a year. 

6. We want our information to be easy to use and accessible

Our information is online and on PDFs. We aim to make it accessible and able to be used with assisted technology. There is a one click accessibility button on the website on the upper left hand side to change contrast, text size and more. If you have any issues with accessibility then please contact us here.contact us here.

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