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As a professional or academic, hyperlexia is an under researched area

Hyperlexia is a lesser known aspect of child development. It is quite distinctive, in that a child will show a marked interest in reading from a very early age before most of their peers. This has so far been overlooked. Yet a better understanding could really help to reveal more about hyperlexia. It may well show a learning style that is different from a ‘typical’ developmental path. This learning style, instead of being ignored, could be supported so that the child’s own way of discovering the world is not hindered, but encouraged. Research could assist why and how some children learn to read before learning the meaning of words. It could also shed some light on some our assumptions about how children develop language and reading skills.

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For more information:

  • Speech and Language – Some hyperlexic children have particular difficulties with understanding language. As a professional there are several simple ways that speech can be better supported which take into account the child’s preferred interest in reading.

  • Books, articles and other links – There isn’t a huge amount of information out there on hyperlexia. We’ve collected the main links and books available.

  • What does the research tell us? – There are two recent analysis of the research into this area. Unfortunately most of the studies have been small and observational. More research in this area would be of benefit to thousands of children with hyperlexia.


Date created: 11/10/2021     Date to be reviewed: 11/10/2022


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