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Books, websites and articles on hyperlexia if you want to read further.

Research Studies

There have been two main reviews of the research into hyperlexia. These summarise the few hundred studies into this area. They found that most studies were small and observational, yet there were some emerging common findings. Read on to find out more on this website or click on the links below.

Ostrolenk, Mottron et al (2017) Hyperlexia: Systematic review, neurocognitive modelling, and outcome

Zhang & Josh’s (2018) Profile of hyperlexia: Reconciling conflicts through a systematic review and meta-analysis.

These smaller studies are interesting if you wanted to look into more detail. This paper reports on the only fMRI (magnetic resonance imaging) case study of a boy.

Here is the link to an earlier study from 2003 by Grigorenko. Annotation: Hyperlexia: disability or superability?

Useful Websites

Wikipedia is a good starting point for a summary of current knowledge on hyperlexia, which is not extensive at the moment.

National Autistic Society UK –

NHS Autism information –

UK Site bringing together many of the organisations working with people with Neurodevelopmental conditions –

Ireland national website advocating for autism – ASIAM –


There are many books about speech development, developmental conditions and how children learn to read. However there are very few looking at hyperlexia.

This is a practical guide for helping with speech and language.

This book link is a personal story written by a parent in New York of a child who loves reading.

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