Language Choices

We recognize that language can shape perceptions and attitudes. Our intention is to write in a way that is respectful of people. We have used the term ‘people with neurodevelopmental conditions’ or ‘NDCs’ for short as this is recommended by several respected groups. However there is no consensus in this very large and diverse area and we acknowledge that not everyone will prefer this wording. Autism is referred to as a condition rather than a disorder. The word ‘typically developing’ or TD is used for populations without neurodevelopmental conditions. Sometimes a person-first may be used; e.g. person with autism or person with hyperlexia. Other times identify-first is used e.g. autistic person or hyperlexic child. This is because professionals tend to use person-first language however some people have voiced that they prefer identify-first language. So they are both used interchangeably to reflect that both are used according to different preferences. People in studies are referred to as participants rather than subjects. If a writer expresses a preference we will defer to that.

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