Is my child hyperlexic?

Alphabet soup
If your child shows an early interest in reading letters or words, age 2 or 3 years, without being taught, then this may be hyperlexia.

A child with hyperlexia has an unusual, natural ability to read from the age of 2 or 3 years. However typically this is accompanied by a lack of comprehension. If your child seems drawn to letters or numbers, and without being taught recognises them at a younger age than other children, then this is a sign that they could be hyperlexic. A hyperlexic child of 3 years could for example read whole story books, car number plates and the labels of food in the shops.

It is sometimes associated with speech or other developmental delays. Some professionals do recognise it. Some speech therapists and psychologists are familiar with hyperlexia and will suggest this as a possibility, if the child is reading very young. Read more about the possible characteristics of a hyperlexic child here.

If you are concerned that your child is not hitting their milestones, or has speech, comprehension or other delays then contact your GP or a health professional. 

Information.  See references here.  Date created: 1/4/2021     Date reviewed: 1/5/2022

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