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How to support a hyperlexic child in education

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As a Teacher you can do a lot to support a hyperlexic child

Reading early could give important signals about how that child learns. From the research (Ostralenk et al 2017) there is evidence that a hyperlexic child has superior pattern recognition ability. It could be argued that this ability could be a different way of learning language (Mottron et al 2021).

It can also be incorrectly assumed that a child that reads early can understand everything they read.

Hyperlexia is linked to difficulties with comprehension (Ostralenk et al 2017). If a child doesn’t get the right help with understanding, they could go through school ‘under the radar’.

Would you like to find out more?

You can find more information that may be of help:

  • Books, articles and other links – There isn’t a huge amount of information out there on hyperlexia. We’ve collected the main links and books available.


Date created: 6/5/2021     Date to be reviewed: 6/5/2022


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