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About Us

We are part of a small charity, Neurotastic, which aims to raise awareness of lesser known traits in neurodevelopmental conditions in children.

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We at Neurotastic believe that diverse minds bring benefit to the world

People who think and experience the world differently bring diversity and benefit to society, but also face complex challenges. The system is set up to categorise neurodevelopmental conditions in a one size fits all approach, however each individual is different. 

We believe that support for individuals should be tailored to them, effective, helpful, respectful and evidence based. We focus on lesser known aspects of neurodiversity, such as hyperlexia. This site was created in order to raise better awareness of this poorly understood trait.

Date created: 1/4/2021     Date reviewed: 1/5/2022

We want to create a more inclusive society by valuing difference, listening to those without a voice and creating conditions where everyone can thrive.

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